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[x]: “When I try to make stuff nowadays, what holds me back isn’t the idea that maybe it’s not gonna be very good - it’s maybe you don’t like it and by extension, you won’t like me. So I run away, which is what I like to do when I’m scared. I run and I don’t do anything at all.”


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Anonymous said: *cake*. you say that you support all forms of love but dislike justin bieber and beliebers. like how that makes sense? :D i dislike justin bieber too (classic rock ftw), and think that beliebers can be pretty fucking blind, but they can do whatever the hell they want, i'm not shaming them for it. i just think that you're being a little hypocritical, even if that's just a joke :) and you're basically promoting hate on your description, not cool imo. not hating, just leaving honest opinion hon


So I can’t dislike something or someone now? I have to like and love everyone?

Like… How that makes sense?

{{{{This blog supports all forms of love, gender identity and expression.}}}

It has NOTHING to do with personal music choices or other things like that (books, movies, stuff…) IT’S ABOUT WHO YOU LOVE, in your life, NOT AN IDOL. Someone you can and SHOULD have RIGHTS to do so. Or who you choose to be, who you want and will be, and (I repeat) SHOULD have the RIGHTS to do SO.

This is SO NOT about something so small like some singer like justin bieber. 

And no BELIEBERS CANNOT DO WHATEVER THE HELL THEY WANT. In my opinion society functions as one of those mirrors houses. The mirrors are not corrects, and yet they still are mirrors. The beliebers will do something, example: start cutting themselves to make their idol stop using drugs, and this will have an effect on one mirror of that house that is not phisically right so will go to so many directions that will maybe reach a child that had NOTHING AT ALL to do with that and that little kid maybe will be passing through a hard time and that child will maybe think “Oh, so is this a solution?”


This is my personal blog, my name is Laís, with the nickname Liz, I put MY own opinion and ideas here.

No, i am not sounding hypocritical. At least not in my own thoughts that goes through my own mind palace, that does not concern you, I am incredibly sorry about my “sherlock rudeness” but that is how I could try to express myself.

No It’s Not a Joke. It’s never a joke.


I’ve left that message strictly because I’ve received belieber hate, and messages asking my side on that subject.

" I don’t see how loving an asshole is gonna do the world any good " so I do leave that on MY OWN BLOG DESCRIPITION so that PEOPLE CAN CHOOSE IF THEY FOLLOW or if they DON’T FOLLOW me by my PERSONALITY , if they also consider that ( some people only consider the blog’s content, the post’s, the layout, etc…)

—- Laís Queiroz (Liz Evans)

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